How to Utilize Twitter and Other Applications to Market

The Internet has become such a wonderful venue for marketing and the opportunity to reach more people. This does not mean you can stop your face-to-face marketing. I am just giving you one more way to touch more people.

Note: Basic Twitter knowledge needed with the understanding of Hashtags and Twitter lists.

To start this marketing journey, forbes you will need to find like-minded people to work with. In my case, other authors, in your case it may be jewelry designers.

I find Facebook is a great place to set up groups to gather and keep in contact with the like-minded people you chose to work with. Marketing on the Internet works best as a team. Your group can be people that may be advertising like yourself or interested in the same products you are marketing and want to help each other reach farther.

I belong to a group of readers and authors that are marketing books. Each person in that group has a unique list of Twitter followers. We have decided that if we Retweet each other’s Twitter posts, apkdnews it would expand our reach.

However, have you tried to Retweet hundreds of Tweets a day manually? It is not easy and can take up a lot of time. So, with some of these great people, we have come up with an incredible system.

First, you want to establish a Hashtag for your group. Once that is in place, you will need a way of tracking it. In Twitter you can search the Hashtag and see everyone’s Tweets that is using that Hashtag. The bigger the group that uses that Hashtag the better and it will only work if they all participate. home4cloud

If you name your group, “Your Hashtag,” you may want your Hashtag to be, #YH.

Please do a search on Twitter for existing Hashtags so you do not use something that is already being utilized.

Also to note, everyone should format their Tweets a certain way so if others, not in that group, do Retweet your Tweet, you will know. It should go something like this:

RT @Me Sweet Romantic Story worth the journey, In My Mother’s Footsteps by Forbes Arnone # YH

RT (Retweet) @Me (Your Twitter Handle) Sweet Romantic Story worth the journey, In My Mother’s Footsteps by Forbes Arnone (Your message) #YH (Your Hashtag.)

So, how do you get through all of those Retweets without spending hours on the computer?

The application is an incredible resource for Retweets. It allows you to set up automatic Retweets for Twitter Lists, Hashtags, and/or individual people. You can set filters so you do not Retweet too many times in one hour and to avoid Retweeting conversations.

Okay, so here are my instructions on how to set up your Retweets on

Step 1. Go to and connect to your Twitter account.

Step 2. Okay, so once you’ve connected it to your Twitter account, you go to the section that says EVERYONE and click the plus sign.

Step 3. Type in #YourHashtag then ADD.

Step 4. Hover your mouse over the #YourHashtag addition and you’ll see a funnel in the right corner. Click that.

Step 5. Now we’re going to add filters. In the drop down box select, Maximum Per Hour. Then Add Filter and type in 7 for the number per hour.

Step 6. Add a second filter. From the drop down box choose, No Conversations and add that as a filter.


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