The Possible Truth About the Roswell Incident

There is a historic incident in USA from 1947 that many believe to be an episode of a crashed alien spaceship, while the government holds it was only a wrecked weather balloon, the Roswell incident. optimal

According to the well-known history one or more alien spaceships with crew crashed outside the town Roswell in New Mexico in 1947. There is several versions of the history that point to more than one crash over a period in this area and these versions seem to have been blended together in the history currently told. According to the history some civilians saw the crashed vehicles and dead alien beings inside the ship. They reported it to the authorities, and a military unit came and transported the material away to a nearby base. At the base one also performed autopsies of the alien beings, an event that was witnessed by several persons. 7mgg

The military at first issued a public report that an alien ship with crew had crashed, but soon thereafter this report was withdrawn, aslremodeling and after several attempts of explaining the incident away, the authorities stuck to a dummy explanation about the crash of a weather balloon. It is obvious that something more complicated and much more interesting than the crash of a weather balloon had occurred. The number of independent witnesses telling detailed accounts, including descriptions of advanced technology, and the original news bulletin from the military clearly show that something quite extraordinary had happened. But the crashed object was probably not an alien spaceship, Here is the most probable explanation:

The things that crashed were one, or several, disk-shaped experimental space capsules, that were used in an early secret part of the American space programs to investigate both technological approaches and the reactions of humans during travel in space. Because the program was secret, inpix the capsule did not have any marks of identification.

In the capsules there were a number of humans used as involuntary Guiana pigs. The people used were children and teenagers taken from mental hospitals or institutions for handicapped kids. The type of humans chosen for the experiment were mostly in good health physically and mentally, except that they were mentally retarded and suffered from some genetic abnormality that resulted in short growth. The government possibly regarded these individuals as the most easy to get hold of, the most easy to control and there were little chance that they could come out with a history the public would believe afterwards. By using short-grown individuals, bocoranadminriki one also needed a smaller capsule and less material for the experiments.

The capsule were lifted so high up in the sky as possible, to the near edge of space itself with balloons. It is even possible that they were lifted even further with rocket motors around the edge of the capsule. Then the capsules were let fall and descend to ground in parachutes. More sites visit here:- 

During this flight the physical and mental reactions of the individuals were monitored to get experimental data about the human reactions to flight in space, and it was the plan to examine them thoroughly after landing. It is probable that several more such experiments with involuntary children or teens were conducted, that happened to be successful, and that one managed to keep secret.

For the crashed capsule the experiments got wrong so that the capsule got astray and crashed because the parachutes did not work well either. The crashed and partially destroyed capsules with the humans inside were found by some civilians and taken care of by military troops that were not aware of these secret experiments. They thought they had found a crashed alien spaceship with alien crew. The dwarf-like anatomy of the human Guiana pigs added to that confusion. The part of the military that took care of the material at the first place, sent out a public announcement that a crashed spaceship with aliens had been retrieved, and even performed autopsies of the supposed crew.

But after a while the misunderstanding was discovered and the units responsible for the experiments took over. Then they sent out several versions of denial and dummy explanations as part of the cover-up. The dummy explanation they at last settled upon is that of a crashed weather balloon,


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