Digital Marketing – What Is Content Curation?

Ever since it first appeared on the blogosphere in 2009, the term ‘content curation’ continues to be an important buzzword in digital marketing circles. All Internet marketing professionals who wish to excel in their field should consider including content curation within their online marketing strategies.

Content curation is the task of sorting through the huge amount of content on the Internet, kratom buy and presenting selected pieces of content in a coherent manner, organised around different topics. Or in other words this is organizing and sharing the most relevant content on a particular subject. Though content curation seems like a news service, like Google News, there is one major difference. Rather than a computer doing the automated sorting, there is a designated human being who will be doing the searching, sorting and publishing.

A person engaged in content curation is similar to a museum curator. Just as a museum curator decides which paintings should make it to a particular exhibition, allblogsidea an online curator chooses which pieces of information are likely to be relevant to their audience. Then again, most digital marketing professionals who have been around for a long time would wonder how this differs from what individuals have been doing online for years. For example, everyone’s initial homepages contained a page of ‘links’. Even in the 90’s, most major ‘portals’ contained content collected from across the web.

So, indposts what’s so great about content curation? The main difference between content aggregation today and content aggregation in the 90’s is social media. According to a leading digital marketing expert, curation comes into the picture only when search stops working, and when individuals become conscious of the fact that they are not only seeking information, but seeking information within a community. The central part of the content curation movement is the ‘community’, which can be a really powerful way to draw attention to one’s digital marketing efforts. technologyopedia

Just as a carefully-curated exhibition is sure to get art aficionados talking about it, carefully-curated online content is sure to attract the attention of the targeted audience, and generate a response (like comments, blog posts and messages). However, doing effective content curation for a digital marketing brand is not as easy as it seems. Just because you happen to collect many digital marketing links that are relevant, does not mean that your targeted audience will find your collection of links. Instead, to be successful, vigorousism you have to invest in both curation as well as promotion.


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