The Basics of Memorial Care

Once you’ve spent the time and money choosing the perfect memorial for your loved one, the last thing you want is for it to lose the lustre and elegance of its original condition. A memorial is supposed to be a lasting memory of your loved one, memory care valdosta ga and below is a basic guide of how you can keep marble or granite gravestones in top condition.

Marble headstones are light in colour, a beautiful white that really makes a memorial look like a tranquil and calm resting place. The best advice for a marble headstone is to regularly wash it with warm, temazepam 20mg soapy water. Do not use neat chemicals such as bleach or detergent on the marble surface as this can increase the rate of natural weathering and can also damage the texture of the stone.

After a number of years, marble memorials would also do well to have a ‘machine clean’, where a skilled mason grinds out and polishes the top skin of marble to remove the dirt filled pores, unitedlyft much like the process of an exfoliating face wash on skin. This restores the white marble to near original condition, leaving a fresh, white and clean surface.

Granite memorials are the other popular memorial material. They will not need regular cleaning and are largely maintenance free. The highly polished Cake carts surface needs only a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any marks. Granite marbles with a matt finish will not be as highly polished and so may require more attention when it comes to general maintenance.

Lettering for both marble and granite memorials will inevitably deteriorate over time and will need repair work to keep a memorial looking its best.

If your loved one’s memorial is in a state that you don’t think you can rectify yourself, worldofkink there is always the option of having it cleaned for you. Skilled restorers can renovate a headstone to its former glory by cleaning it, raising and levelling it and re-fixing parts of the memorial, whatever is required. They have the right skills to look after both headstones and kerb sets, using special tools to make the marble or granite look beautiful again.

All this is a lot to think about, so if you don’t want memorial care causing you unnecessary concern, why not try a grave maintenance programme? This will ensure that the memorial of your treasured friend or family member is professionally cleaned three times a year, weight loss including any raising or levelling that needs to be done if necessary. Prices differ from memorial to memorial, but for the ultimate peace of mind there is nothing better.


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