Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Providing Perceptive Services

The process of healthcare is complemented by inputs from various sources to provide effective and efficient healthcare services. As the healthcare sector deals with services that help improve quality of life and life saving services, it is important that the quality of inputs that contribute to the healthcare process meet the highest quality standards. Healthcare is supported by information from patient records in both the process of providing quality care and dealing with administrative & commercial aspects. It is important that the process of healthcare is documented accurately and in a timely manner to enable streamlined operations.

Medical transcription is the process of creating patient medical records by converting the audio inputs of the patient- healthcare professional encounter into text format. Healthcare facilities have various options available to them to avail these services including having an in-house department, Imedical Healthcare Solutions outsourcing to independent contractors or availing the services of an outsourced service provider or even a combination of two or more of these sources. However in the interest of quality output, curbing costs and having a proper system for transcription, outsourcing to a professional medical transcription service provider has been found to be the most viable option.

Outsourced transcription vendors provide perceptive medical transcription solutions for the needs of healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. They provide services that combine:

An insight into the workings of healthcare facilities – The process of creating patient medical records have evolved into sophisticated services that extend beyond mere typing services. These vendors providing these services have an insight into the workings of healthcare facilities and have tailored their services and technology to support the smooth running of healthcare facilities with regard to patient medical record creation.

Acumen to provide solutions to the perceived requirements – Transcription providers have anticipated the specific requirements of doctors/support staff/clinics/hospitals and provided solutions to meet these requirements. They have used their experience and background to create solutions that provide for:

– Allowing for using preferred methods of capturing dictation

– Systems that automatically check for dictation files and upload the same for transcription at specified intervals

– Specialty-specific trained transcriptionists to enhance quality of service in terms of turnaround time and accuracy.

– Archiving of transcripts allowing for easy search options

– Secure and speedy document delivery modes as specified by doctors/support staff/clinics/hospitals

– Constantly work at updating and improving security measures to mitigate concerns regarding HIPAA and HITECH violation

Discernment that provides services according to changing needs – It is a known fact that the documentation specifications of the healthcare sector are governed by statutory norms.


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